Computing Unit Helpdesk Service Catalog

  • Crafting a system that works in your environment

  • One on one

  • Small groups

  • Workshops

  • We support SIL linguistic software

Our intention is to be as helpful to you as possible, but there are necessary boundaries which determine what we are able to do.

Who we serve

The LI computing unit helpdesk seeks to serve linguistic projects that are associated with the Payap University Linguistics Department or Linguistics Institute.


The helpdesk side of the computing unit has two members who are here to serve. However, we ask for your patience as that ability to serve is limited a bit by additional duties and requirements which require time away from the helpdesk.


While our services are free to Payap associated linguistic projects, we will be passing along any incurred costs.
This will include things like:

  • Cost of equipment and software.

  • Travel and lodging.

There may be exceptions (for example: we may have second hand equipment), but the expectation should be that we will pass these costs along.