Language Development and Training Resources

Manual for conducting a workshop to produce culturally relevant language development materials for a Mother Tongue Based Education Program.

This manual is a step by step guide for training mother tongue speakers of non-dominant languages to develop curriculum and materials for a mother tongue based education program in their community. It has been used in workshops in Thailand with language groups interested in establishing Early Child Care and Education Centers for educating their pre-school and kindergarten children in the mother tongue, and preparing them for attending a primary school in the national language. Although this manual was written with pre-school and kindergarten age children in mind, it can be adapted for other age groups as well.

The contents of the manual include:

  1. Lessons and Themes: The cultural calendar as a curriculum planning tool is introduced as well as activities to brainstorm ideas for developing materials along cultural themes

  2. Cultural Art Forms: Introduction to cultural arts and how they can be used to enhance a mother tongue based education program

  3. Materials Development: Introduction and procedures for producing picture stories, Big Busy Pictures, listening stories, Big Books, small books, etc.

  4. Examples: Examples for each kind of material are provided

  5. Reference resources: Workshop schedule example, lesson plan example, listening story manual, writing stories manual

Participants completing a workshop based on this manual will be able to plan and develop a year long curriculum and create the materials for it.

For a copy of the manual, click on the link below:
Materials Development Manual

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Manual for Training Community Literacy Workers

This manual is designed as a resource for training mother tongue speakers of non-dominant languages to develop community-based literacy programs. The program is designed to meet the needs of communities with few educational resources, or communities who are beginning to use written language for mother tongue education. The manual includes lesson plans for seven workshops:

  1. Literacy Program Planning: Elements of a Sustainable Community Program

  2. Writer’s Workshop: Becoming an Effective Story Writer

  3. Primer Development Workshop

  4. Teacher Training: Teaching Primer-Level Literacy Classes

  5. Intermediate Writing Skills and Materials Production

  6. Managing Your Literacy Program

  7. Training Others

This workshop program trains learners to develop the materials and program structure for the first stages of a literacy program.

The two files for posting (Manual + Learner Handouts) are available to download here:
Training Community Literacy Workers

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