This is a weekly Lanna Literacy lessons and fun activities called "Lanna Club" 

This event held at Suebnathitam School

 Facebook page The "Love Lanna Language Club" ชมรมคนรักลานนา is also a tool used to promote Lanna Literacy by offering relevant and easy to learn Lanna Literacy Lessons.

The Northern Thai language, spoken by more than six million people in Northern Thailand, can be written two ways; with the Thai script, or with the traditional Lanna Script. The Lanna Literacy Project, an effort to promote the appreciation and use of Northern Thai and the Lanna script and is based out of the Linguistics Institute. 

It includes activities like "Lanna Day" for example; The event held at Baan Pa Mai Dang School which can be requested by schools or groups who would like a few hours of fun and educational Lanna Literacy activities.

"Lanna Club" is an optional follow up activity with weekly Lanna Literacy lessons and activities. 

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Lanna Literacy Project : 

Please contact Linguistics Institute Payap University. 

Tel. 052-081-783