Mr.Marcus Rice, the Linguistics Institute Director, organized an Afternoon tea to meet and talk with PYU personnel and teachers who graduated from Australia.

The President of Payap University, Mr Apicha Insuwan was invited. Mr Rice presented the President with an Australian Flag for Payap University to use on International day and other appropriate occasions.

Congratulations to

Christopher Hirt who represented the PYU Linguistics Institute 

at the 40th annual Ang Kaew games hosted by CMU. 

🏆Christopher competed in and won gold medal in the following races:

🏃3000m race on June 5th 45-49 age group

🏃1500m race on June 6th 45-49 age group

🚴65km inline race on June 7th 40-49 age group

🚴12km Doi Suthep time trial on June 8th 40-49 age group


Who we are

The Linguistics Institute of Payap University  is a partnership with SIL International, a faith-based nonprofit organization involved with language projects around the world.

Our Mission Statement

To support the language communities of Mainland Southeast Asia and beyond in their language development and education efforts in the mother tongue through training, linguistics research, and the development of computing technologies related to language development and translation.