Language Software Support

If you are a working with a language project related to Payap's Linguistic Department or Payap's Linguistic Institute then we can provide language software support.

Language software we support includes, but is not limited to

  • FLEx

  • Paratext

  • Languageforge

  • Languagedepot

  • Scriptsource

  • SayMore

  • WeSay

  • Bloom

  • HearThis

  • Keyman

Fonts and Keyboard issues

If you need assistance choosing, installing, creating or troubleshooting the fonts and keyboards for your project, we can help you.

Conversion to Unicode

Converting data to Unicode can be quite simple or it can be among the most complex projects imaginable. If you have data that needs to be converted from non-Unicode into Unicode let us know, we can help.

Migrating data from legacy formats into current formats

If you have old Shoebox or Toolbox data, we can help you get it into FLEx.

Bugs, issues and new ideas

If you find problems with the software or have ideas for improvements we can help you present them to the software developers.