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Training in Scripture Engagement and Mother Tongue Literacy

(January - March 2015)

The overall purpose of this workshop was to provide practical training for people from ethnic minority communities to help them gain new skills in 1) local language literacy teaching and materials development and 2) methods of Scripture engagement to bring about personal and community transformation.

The eight week workshop included three weeks on Scripture engagement topics, one week on learning theory, three weeks on literacy materials/methods and one week on training others/planning for the future.

A couple of Big Books createdBig Books produced Some of the Small Books createdSmall Books produced

Literacy in Northern Thai Lanna Script

Lanna script is the traditional script of the Northern Thai language. Today, few Northern Thais are literate in this script. The purpose of this workshop was to teach reading and writing in Lanna script and help promote literacy in Lanna script.

This workshop consisted of 16 lessons held twice a week over two months.  Each lesson was one and half hours long.  The curriculum  followed the Multi Strategy – Two Track method for teaching reading.  This included primer lessons for teaching sounds and corresponding symbols in isolation and in short phrases, spelling activities, and a meaningful reading activities using Big Books, Small Books, or short text from books.

Participants practiced writing the script through dictation of phrases and assignments.

Teaching a new letter with a keyword and pictureTeaching a letter using a keyword and picture
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