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Nate Cheeseman Nate Cheeseman
B.A. International Ministries

Linguistic Research and Documentation Unit Coordinator, Researcher


2017. Cheeseman, Nathaniel; Paul Sidwell; and Anne Osborne. Khmuic linguistic bibliography with selected annotations. JSEALS vol. 10.1:i-xlvi.

2015. Cheeseman, Nathaniel; Eilzabeth Hall; and Darren Gordon. Palaungic Linguistic Bibliography with Selected Annotations. Mon-Khmer Studies Journal 44.i-liv

2013. Cheeseman, Nathaniel, Jennifer Herington, and Paul James Sidwell. Bahnaric Linguistic Bibliography with Selected AnnotationsMon-Khmer Studies Journal 42.xxxiv-xlvii

Seth Seth Vitrano-Wilson
M.A. Linguistics



2019. Multigraphia, mismatching tones, and mutual borrowing of tone marking devices among three scripts. Written Language & Literacy vol. 21.2:198-237.

2018. Tone marks as vowel diacritics in two scripts: repurposing thone marks for non-tonal phenomena in Cado and other Southeast Asian languagesWriting Systems Research vol. 10.1:43-67.

2016. Reading syllable-spaced versus word-spaced text in Hmong Daw: breaking up isn't so hard to do. Writing Systems Research vol. 8.2:234-256.

2015. Variability in the use of spaces by writers of Hmong Daw. Mon-Khmer Studies vol. 44.1-18.

Conference presentations

2017. Vitrano-Wilson, Seth, Ryan Gehrmann, Carolyn Miller, and Cheung Xaiyavong. Cado orthographies in Lao and Latin scripts: Using tone marks for vowel quality and length. Presented at the 27th meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, Padang, Indonesia.

2015. Reading syllable-spaced vs. word-spaced text in Hmong Daw: Breaking up isn't so hard to do. Paper presented at the 25th meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Unpublished documents

2015. Comparing the readability of syllable spacing and word spacing in Hmong Daw. Unpublished MA thesis, Payap University.

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