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May 27, 9.30-10.15, Sirindhorn Resource Learning Center, Kaew Nettayotin Seminar Room

Unity of Textiles but Diversity of Language:

A Case Study of the “Ban Rai Lao Khang” in Uthaithani Province

by Prof. Theraphan Luangthongkum

Abstract available here

Professor Theraphan is an international linguist and published author, specializing in phonetics as well as synchronic and historical linguistics of Thai and several minority languages of Southeast Asia, linguistic fieldwork and lexicography. She graduated with a BA in English from Chulalongkorn University in 1968, got her MA in linguistics from the University of California at Davis in 1970, and received her PhD in phonetics from the University of Edinburgh in 1978. Professor Theraphan is currently a faculty member of the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. In 2010 she was awarded an honorary membership by the Linguistic Society of America, making her the first Thai linguist to receive this honor.

Selected publications:

  • 2015  Voice register in Mon: acoustics and electroglottography. With Abramson, Arthur S. & Tiede, Mark K. (Phonetica, forthcoming).
  • 2014   Proto-Karen (*k-rjaŋA) fauna. Manusya, Special Issue No. 20: 86-123.
  • 2014   Learning about Ancient Thai from the Khmuic languages of the Mon-Khmer language family.  Journal of Language and Linguistics 33.1, 23-42. (in Thai)
  • 2014   Linguistic diversity and linguistic convergence in ASEAN Community. Journal of Asian Review 35.1, 1-28. (in Thai)  
  • 2011   A synopsis of Mal phonetics. With Chommanad Intajamornrak, Kanitha Putthasatien Yupaporn Huadsiri and Supaporn Phalipat. In Srichampa, S. & Sidwell, P. (eds) Austroasiatic Studies [Mon-Khmer Studies Special Issue No. 2.], 69-80.
  • 2009   A fuzzy boundary between tone languages and voice-register languages. With Abramson, Arthur S. In Fant, G., Fujisaki, H. & Shen, J. (eds), Frontiers in Phonetics and Speech Science, 149-155.
  • 2009   Tonal evolution induced by language contact: a case study of the T'in (Lua') language of Nan province, Northern Thailand. With Chommanad Intajamornrak, Mon-Khmer Studies 38, 57-68.
  • 2007   Voice register in Khmu': experiments in production and perception. With Abramson, Arthur S. & Nye, Patrick W., Phonetica 64. 2-3, 80-104.
  • Selected conference presentations:
  • 2014   Karenic as a branch of Tibeto-Burman: More evidence from Proto-Karen. Paper presented at SEALS24, organized by the Department of Myanmar Language, University of Yangon, and SOAS, University of London, in Yangon, Myanmar, May 27-31, 2014.
  • 2012   Language change in progress: A case study of Pwo Karen Fauna. Paper presented at ICSTLL45, organized by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, October 26-28, 2012.
  • Selected grants:
  • An Acoustic Analysis of the Thai Language, 2010-2011, granted by the Academic Development Fund (Chula 100 years)
  • Research and Development on E-learning Exercises to Solve Pronunciation Problem When Reading and Speaking Thai, 2013-2015, granted by the Thailand Research Fund

Selected Awards:

  • 2002 Distinguished Researcher Award, National Research Council of Thailand
  • 2013 Outstanding alumni of the Faculty of Arts (Under The Royal Patronage)
  • 2014 National Outstanding Teacher of Humanities and Arts, National Faculty Senate of Thailand

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