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Academic Year 2014

Academic Events:

25th Annual Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS)

The 25th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS) is at the Mae Khao campus of Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand from May 27-29, 2015. The SEALS conference focuses on the languages and linguistics of Southeast Asia, including the Austroasiatic, Austronesian, Hmong-Mien, Tibeto-Burman and Tai-Kadai language families and provides an occasion for scholars to share their research..

Academic Year 2012 (June 2012 to May 2013)

Academic Events:

Computing Unit

SIL Language Software Development conference

April 2013 – Cambell Prince, Dennis Dresher, Michael Cochran, Chris Hirt, Tim Armstrong, John Ross, Damien Daspit, Ira Hopkinson, Robin Munn

The cost of travel and time away from work and family are significant barriers to attendance at conferences. This limits the sharing of knowledge. This project explored current technologies that are freely available and assessed their fitness for use in hosting a distributed 'virtual' conference. A conference was hosted by the LI Computing Unit, using the technology and techniques identified. Eighty attendees participated from ten different countries.




SIL Mainland South East Asia Group Conference

April 2013 – All computing team staff

LI computing team staff provided technical support and a small amount of language software training.


Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation

Wycliffe Asia – Pacific and SIL Eurasia Area

April 2013 – Cambell Prince

Training and interaction around multimedia technologies

Cambell Prince led 3 sessions - HTML5, Google Analytics, and Language Software HTML5, Google Analytics, and Language Software. There were approximately 200 attendees from around the world.


The Asia Pacific Language Technology Workshop
February 2013

The Asia Pacific Language Technology Workshop (LTW 2013) was hosted in Chiangmai by SIL Asia Area Language Technology department.  Staff from the Linguistics Institute provided training for seminars, presented on updates to software, and provided technical support for the conference.



WG2 ISO Unicode meetings
October 2012

WG2 ISO Unicode meetings in Chiangmai Thailand, these were hosted by TISI, the national standards body of Thailand and the Linguistics Institute.  


Special Events:

LI celebration of Dam Hua

April 2013

 Some LI staff members participated in a cultural event to celebrate the New Year by honoring elders among us and asking for their forgiveness and blessing. We joined in with the general PYU celebration and also hosted a smaller LI version.


Christmas 2012
December 2012

 December 11, LI administrative team visited PYU offices to distribute Christmas cookies, along with Linguistics Department and SIL administrators.




Music Cross Contest

August – September 2012


Competitors: The youth in the Church of Christ in Thailand, CCT (18 District). One team was led by LI admin assistant, Mrs. Phawinee Pintong.

Hosted by: The Church of Christ in Thailand, CCT

Place: The 75th Anniversary Building, The Church of Christ in Thailand (Northern Center), Chiang Mai

Prizes: Best of Music Band, Best of Culture and Best of Singer--all won by Mrs. Phawinee Pintong and her team.

Consultants: Patrick Lew and Manop Panyo (for Lanna poetry)


Introductory visits to various offices around PYU
September 2012

Mrs. Marjorie Doty became the new Director at Linguistics Institute since September 2012. The LI administrative team introduced her to various offices such as Office of Policy and Planning, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Human Resources, Office of Spiritual and Community Life, etc. and officially visited the Interim President at the President office.

Thank you and welcome coffee break
September 2012

 Coffee Break was arranged to thank you Noel Mann for being the LI Director since October 2011 to September 2012 and welcome Marjorie Doty to be the new LI Director and Art Cooper to be the head of Linguistics Department.

Linguistics Institute Video
September 2012

LI administrative team proudly presents the new version of LI video in Thai and English for welcoming guests and publishing on LI website for general public.


Interim President
and the Assistant to the Interim President visited
June 2012

LI had a good opportunity to welcome and give an introductory tour of the institute to Dr. Penpilai Rithakananone, the Interim President and Dr. Sompan Wongdee, the Assistant to the Interim President for Academic Affairs and Research and Academic Services in the beginning of semester 2012.



Welcomed a new secretary, Wipawee Chuamsakul
June 2012

LI administrative assistant introduced new LI secretary to various offices such as Office of the President, Office of Policy and Planning, Office of Quality Assurance, Office of Human Resources, etc. and warmly welcomed her with the monthly coffee break.


Academic Year 2011 (June 2011 to May 2012)

Academic Events:

PYU Symposium 2012
February 2012

Patrick Lew participated as a guest speaker during a “book talk” at the Payap University Research Symposium to introduce three Northern Thai Lanna books that the Training Unit published.


Guest Lecturer
August 2011

Marcus Choo was invited by Mahidol University as a guest speaker at the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia in a forum with the Research Group on “Sociolinguistic Survey – SIL Practices” in August 2011.

Special Events:
Payap Presentation of materials to HRM Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

December 2011

Payap Administrators had an audiences with HRM Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on 23 December, 2011. Among other distinguished Payap University materials, they presented a gift of materials from the Linguistics Institute. The materials included three Northern Thai Lanna readers, a book of Black Lahu Short stories written in the original language, and a research report on the Khmu language.

PYU International Day

December 2011

This event included assorted food booths from various countries. In addition, there were music presentations, dancing, games, arts, crafts, and traditional costumes which were organized by Payap’s international community.
The Linguistics Institute booth provided a game called “LINGO” adapted from the game “bingo”. The names of distinctive languages used by different communities in Thailand were used as the game pieces. Participants enjoyed the game and the Institute gave calendars of the Linguistics Institute and native products from ethnic groups such as sarongs and bags as prizes.


University and SIL International signing new MOU

October 2011

Dr. Pradit Takerngrangsarit became the third president of Payap University to sign a 5-Year MOU with SIL International on 26 October 2011. This is the fourth agreement between the two organizations and covers the period 2011 - 2016.


US Consul General visit
September 2011

Susan N. Stevenson, Consul General and Paul W. Neville, Vice Consul for Political/Economic Affairs of the United States of America came to visit the PYU Linguistics Institute on 7 September 2011. The Institute staff gave them a tour of the various departments and showed some examples of our work.


Thank you Coffee Break to Dr. Kathryn E. Miller

September 2011

As the first Director of the PYU Linguistics Institute, Dr. Kathryn E. Miller helped with the establishment of the Institute and construction of the facilities. Dr. Kathryn E. Miller was the Director from 2007 to 2011. This event was held to honor her for her service.


Monthly/Quarterly Celebration: Birthday, Welcome and Farewell Coffee Break

This regular event is a meant to encourage LI personnel. The institute holds the coffee break to celebrate birthdays, welcome new personnel, celebrate accomplishments, and show gratitude to Institute members for their service.


Previous Academic Year

Academic Events:
PYU Symposium February 2011

Poster Presentation

‘Representation of Societal Values through Relevant Art Forms in Mother Tongue Education Materials Development Workshops’


When cultural insiders generate their own materials for education programs and consider including relevant cultural elements, the products are filled with reflections of societal values and beliefs. This is an important contribution to Mother Tongue Based – Education Programs. As cultural insiders develop meaningful materials, utilizing relevant cultural art forms, values and beliefs from within the societal context can be passed on as well. This tool can help form at least part of the bridge, which can span the generational gap within a society through injecting the education system with something the society has used for centuries, by giving it new life, new context, and new relevance.

PYU International Mother Language Day
February 2011
LI personnel prepared  a bulletin board located in the walkway between the Finance Office and the President's Office to celebrate this day and more than 20 plus posters were posted at various venues on campus.

Special Events:
LI Songkran Festival 2011
April 2011


PYU International Day
November 2010
"Sending Love in Every Language"

Sending greetings to friends in or outside Thailand by Linguistics Institute post cards

which tell about LI ministry.

Indian Ambassador visited
June 2010


19 - 23 April 2010 - Illustration Skills Workshop

Helping local artists develop illustration skills for their literacy and scripture use materials

22 - 26 March 2010 - Overview Workshop for Producing Teaching Materials Used for Developing Speaking and Listening Skills for children age 3-5
The participants will be taught to produce materials in their language, based on things culturally familiar to the children.  The materials will include stories to read aloud to small children, songs for children to sing, picture story books, big pictures of culturally familiar things as well as games and activities.

15 March - 21 May 2010 - Scripture Use Workshop

The course/workshop will help make participants aware of the “big picture” of Scripture Use and Engagement issues and resources in their area and help them aquire the skills to equip others to engage church members with the Scriptures.  Upon returning to their ministry areas they will equip Bible schools students through courses and pastors/church workers through workshops. The ultimate goal is that more people in these language communities can access and apply Scripture in a variety of appropriate ways so it impacts their lives.

25 January - 3 February 2010 - CLS (Cross-Language Storycrafting) Workshop

This workshop will provide training (as part of the OneStorey partnership - that includes SIL, among other organizations), to equip teams to craft oral Bible stories in target languages where plans have been made to use oral media to communicate the Biblical story and Gospel message.

11 March 2009 - Grand Opening
A celebration of the 20th anniversary of the partnership between SIL Internation and Payap University, and the grand opening ceremony for the Linguistics Institute.


24 Janaury 2009 - Training Workshop
Preserving Lanna Cultural Art: "Worshipping God with the Sounds of Northern Thai Saw" 

12 - 18 January 2009 - Training Workshop
Promoting the Local Language (Mother Tongue) through Writing and Compiling a Storybook 


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HTML5 Seminar

Chiang Mai, Thailand 

January 2013 - Cambell Prince, Chris Hirt, Tim Armstrong

The seminar was designed to give developers insight into the HTML5 standard and how to work with it. 

Adobe InDesign Training workshop

Yangon, Myanmar

 December 2012 –January 2013 - Tim Eves

 Development and testing of complex script rendering (Burmese in particular) for InDesign

International Day
November 2012

LI administrative team, with the help of the Northern Thai team and various other LI staff members organized a presentation for Payap’s International Day. The theme was “We love Northern Thai,” .Activities were playing a Northern Thai vocabulary game, selling Northern Thai books and DVDs. Bookmarks and 192 LI postcards were given to attendees.

Music Cross Contest

August – September 2012

Competitors: The youth in the Church of Christ in Thailand, CCT (18 District). One team was led by LI admin assistant, Mrs. Phawinee Pintong.

Hosted by: The Church of Christ in Thailand, CCT

Place: The 75th Anniversary Building, The Church of Christ in Thailand (Northern Center), Chiang Mai

Prizes: Best of Music Band, Best of Culture and Best of Singer--all won by Mrs. Phawinee Pintong and her team.

Consultants: Patrick Lew and Manop Panyo (for Lanna poetry)



International Day 2012

 November 2012

 The LI admin team, with the help of the Northern Thai team and various other LI staff members, organized a presentation for Payap’s International Day. The theme was “We Love Northern Thai,” and activities included playing a vocabulary game, giving bookmarks and postcards to attendees, and selling Northern Thai books and DVDs. All told, 192 LI postcards were given out and 53 postcards were posted by the LI following the event.

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