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Developing Relevant Music in the Lives of Believers
(23 and 30 March 2013)

Local Christians attended this workshop to learn about the role of music in culture for communication. They were introduced to a survey tool for collecting information about the various art forms in their community, their occasion for use, the meaning related to their use, and the kind of people that use them. This information can be used to guide the creation and application of ethnomusic and arts for communicating.

Northern Thai Lanna Primer Development
(28 January – 1 February 2013)

Lanna script is the traditional script for the Northern Thai language, but literacy in this script is low. The purpose of this workshop was to develop primer lessons to teach Lanna script. Participants learned what a primer is and how to design and use one.  The first few primer lessons were created in this workshop, and lessons for the remaining letters were completed by the end of the year through the guidance and sponsorship of the Training Unit. 

Listing sample words using a given letter Northern Thai words in Lanna script Class discussion

Teacher Training for Lahu Shi Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Teachers
(25-27 March 2013)

Member of the Yellow Lahu community were first given a review of the literacy materials they had developed at the Linguistics Institute in the previous year for a preschool program in the mother tongue.   Class room routines and planning out daily routines were then discussed.  Next, the scope and sequence of math and science curriculums were explained. The workshop participants were then guided through developing first term lesson plans and given a review on teaching using mother tongue oral materials.  Finally, participants were given an opportunity to practice teaching using these materials.

Discussion Teaching practice

Scripture Engagement and Literacy in the Khmu Community: Bible-Storying and Health Booklets
(23-25 April 2013)

Kmhmu' community members developed six booklets that address common health issues: Women's Health, Nutrition for Babies and Mothers, AIDS, Diarrhea, Dengue Fever, and Worms. These booklets were adapted from materials produced by International Cooperation Cambodia and Hesperian Health Guides. In this workshop, influential and literate community members were trained on how to discuss/teach the contents of these booklets and use them as a resource for reading practice.

The participants were introduced to the Simply the Story method for oral Bible storytelling and Bible study, and introduced to four lessons of a new Sunday School curriculum for participants to pilot test in their own areas. Sixteen Kmhmu' participants attended this workshop.

Writer's Workshop
(21-25 October 2013)

Participants from the Yellow Lahu, Lisu, Pwo Karen, and Northern Thai language groups practiced writing stories in their mother tongue for use in education programs taught in the mother tongue. They learned about various kinds of stories that can be used in these programs such as Big Book stories, Small Book stories, and listening stories.

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