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The Steps of language survey: an outline of practical methods was written by Dr. Ramzi W. Nahhas, last revised in March 2007. The Steps of Survey guides students and surveyors though each step it takes to complete a successful survey. It is is written in textbook format.

Much of the contents of this course were adapted from a previous Language Survey course taught at Payap University by Noel Mann, and from SIL International's modular survey courses, Principles of Language Survey (Gary Simons and Ted Bergman, 2001) and Procedures of Language Survey (Colleen Ahland, Katherine Liddle, David Liddle, Michael Ahland, and Jim Meyers, 2004).

You may download the entire Steps of Language Survey (1.3MB) as a PDF file or view each chapter individually in PDF format.

Cover Page and Table of Contents

Overview of Language Survey

Chapter 1: Background Research

Chapter 2: Research Question Formulation

Chapter 3: Initial Plan

Chapter 4: Develop Instruments

Chapter 5: Survey Proposal

Chapter 6: Pre-Fieldwork Logistics

Chapter 7: Pilot Test Instruments

Chapter 8: Fieldwork

Chapter 9: Data Entry

Chapter 10: Data Analysis

Chapter 11: Survey Report

Chapter 12: Evaluation

Chapter 13: Archive




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