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Pat Lew Pat Lew, Coordinator
M.A. Linguistics

Interests: Translation, Northern Thai, Lanna literacy

Liz Foerster Liz Foerster, Mother Tongue Literacy Consultant and Trainer
B.A. Elementary Education
M.A. Applied Linguistics

Interests: Mother tongue based education, literacy materials development, Lanna literacy

Debbi Hosken Debbi Hosken, Ethnomusicology and Arts Administrator
B.A. Music

Interests: Music and arts

Kristyna Rausova

Kristýna Rausová, Ethnoarts Specialist

M.A. (Hons) Management and Psychology

Interestsː Music, culture, and languages

Wilailuk Dechsri Wilailuk Deshsri, Guest Trainer
Foundation of Applied Linguistics, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Interests: Mother-tongue based education, literacy materials development

Nitjanan Panthit Nitjanan Panthit,  Guest Trainer
Wycliffe Thai Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Interests: Literacy materials development, Lanna literacy

Mary Saurman Mary Saurman, Guest Lecturer
Ethno Arts Consultant, SIL International, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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