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Pat Lew Pat Lew, Coordinator
M.A. Linguistics

Interests: Translation, Northern Thai, Lanna literacy

Liz Foerster Liz Foerster, Mother Tongue Literacy Consultant and Trainer
B.A. Elementary Education
M.A. Applied Linguistics

Interests: Mother tongue based education, literacy materials development, Lanna literacy

Debbi Hosken Debbi Hosken, Ethnomusicology and Arts Administrator
B.A. Music

Interests: Music and Arts


Bill Hanna Bill Hanna, Guest Lecturer
Linguistics Department, Payap University

Interests: Translation, dictionary development

Wilailuk Dechsri Wilailuk Deshsri, Guest Trainer
Foundation of Applied Linguistics, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Interests: Mother-tongue based education, literacy materials development

Nitjanan Panthit Nitjanan Panthit,  Guest Trainer
Wycliffe Thai Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Interests: Literacy materials development, Lanna literacy

Mary Saurman Mary Saurman, Guest Lecturer
Ethno Arts Consultant, SIL International, Chiang Mai, Thailand




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