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Who we are:

The Linguistic Institute of Payap University conducts research in the areas of linguistics, assessment of language development need, analysis and development for the publishing of text in minority languages, designing of new software to aid language research and development and the adapting of pre-existing software for specific needs. The Institute also conducts workshops in the areas of language development, linguistics, and translation for the training and mentoring of interns.

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Our Mission Statement:


To serve the language communities of Southeast Asia through linguistic research and language development.

Components of the Linguistics Institute:

The Linguistics Institute has five units: Computing, Research, Survey, and two Training units. The Computing Unit designs new software to aid language research and development, along with working on texts that facilitate the analysis and publishing of text in the minority languages of SE Asia. The Research Unit helps linguistic researchers plan and implement a program of fieldwork that leads to publishable research. The Survey Unit assesses language development needs via field research. The Training Units promote the development and preservation of minority languages by providing training to enable ethnic minority peoples to develop literature and literacy in their mother tongue.

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